SOS send fried chicken

Fried chicken. Barbeque. Chips and queso. A burger from S&B with a side of fries topped with cheese and too much bacon. Speaking of bacon...Bacon. Turkey bacon. All the bacon. 
Tacos. A perfectly cooked steak. Gumbo. Shrimp pasta. Spaghetti with ground turkey.
These are a few of the things Kylie and I talked about at the kitchen counter on Monday over our lunch of grilled chicken cheese. We get creative in Dundee. Make a grilled cheese and toss a slice of chicken lunch meat into the center, seasoned with my carefully stowed stash of Tony Chacheres
We waxed poetic on ChickfilA. On the wonders of waffle cut fries and preciously formed nuggets of chicken. We dreamed aloud about a Mexican feast. Quesidillas and tacos and crispy tortilla chips. We lamented the appalling price of bacon. We sagged against the counter in imaginery ecstasy, remembering favorite American foods. 

Grocery shopping in Dundee is different, that's for sure. But I'm starting to discover my favorite things here. Wotsits are baked cheetos and I'm currently obsessed. Tesco Metro is my new favorite grocery store and I will never stop buying their pre-cooked chicken. TO DIE FOR LITERALLY YALL. 

Also part of my staple pantry now: chicken soup, bagged pasta (just add boiling water and voila), frozen corn, frozen green beans, instant mashed potatoes, frozen macaroni and cheese, frozen pizza, bread, cheese, butter, and carrots. I think I've covered my food groups fairly well so far.

I haven't received any care packages yet. Which is weird considering you all have my address so idk what the hold up is. But, I can imagine that perhaps you are maybe waiting for suggestions of what to send. Let me help: 

  • chex mix. Original or cheddar. 
  • lemonheads plz
  • seasoned pretzels
  • microwavable popcorn EXTRA BUTTER (all they have here is sweet popcorn.what.)
  • if you figure out a way to send me bacon I wouldn't send it back
  • eos lipbalm/softlips (for these crusty crusts ya know--1:38 should do it)
And, for some real brownie points/badass souvenirs, send A Very Lucky Girl some fried chicken. 


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