Rocky Night

I'm so punny. I'm taking a break from geology. I literally can't look at another rock. Unless it looks something more like this...
Now THAT is something I could study all night long. rocks are currently looking like this...

#gag. In case you were curious, that is (in order of appearance) chert, gneiss, and halite. Halite is also known as rock salt. It tastes salty. Yeah, I had to lick it in lab. Easily the most disgusting thing to ever touch my tongue. 

Needless to say, I despise lab. I dread it every single week. Not only is it the last class in the block of time that I sit at a desk from 8:30 until 1:15, it is also something that the devil invented to test my patience.

I don't have much. 

My TA is really really pretty. Like ohh sooo pretty. I made eye contact with him at the gym the other day... 2 seconds later and I was planning our wedding. It's going to be in the fall. You are all invited. 

But that is where the attraction ends because he also possesses this really really annoying habit of not telling me the answers. This is the extent of our interaction:

Me: Okay so is this halite?
Him: No.
Me: Gypsum?
Him: No.
Me: Pyrite?
Him: No.

At this point it's 1:14 and all I can think about is finishing this lab and jetting over to ChickfilA (let's remember I haven't eaten all day because I have this thing against breakfast) so I mumble a few unfortunate words under my breath and discreetly copy the answers from my neighbor. Thanks TA--clearly we will need some premarital counseling because I don't think I can marry someone not willing to tell me the difference between chert and limestone. It's simple common courtesy.

Crossing my fingers that he lets us use rock charts for this exam...otherwise I'm not so sure I would be A Very Lucky Girl.


  1. your next job? creating punny tweets? :]
    hahaah you slay me.


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