Cutting Out Popcorn, Profanity, and Pubs

Okay so that last one isn't exactly true. Since I'm still 1.5 agonizing years away from that glorious 21 my pub life is pretty quiet. But that doesn't mean it's hard to obtain alcohol. I mean, I am currently attending college. I can't remember the last time I took Lent seriously so this year when I was doing my daily let's-think-about-life-whilst-wasting-all-the-hot-water in the shower I surprised myself by making these decisions. 

Popcorn. I spoke about this in my last post...I really really love popcorn. Those buttery kernels of deliciousness just speak to me. I've actually been known to lick the inside of the bag to get every last bit. #SorryImDisgusting. And since I've been trying to lose weight for the past few weeks I figured it couldn't hurt to give up something that I would miss and something that could make me miss a few pounds. Total win-win. 

Alcohol. My sacrificial thoughts continued to my weekend activies. Hmm, how much would I miss imbibing with the rest of campus? Fortunately, I'm a girl that can have just as much fun with a bottle of bubbles as with a bottle of vodka. Sure, let's add alcohol to the list. (side note: I'm leaving the 4 days that I am in New York for spring break out of this pledge. God can't possibly expect me to remain Sober Sally when I'm in the city that never sleeps!)

Profanity. This is the hardest one so far. Those tiny words can make such an impact when trying to express yourself accurately. But my continuous use of them diminishes their original power. Instead of using them only when something upsets me or merits such strong language, I don't flinch when they come spewing out of my mouth when someone surprising gains a pound on the Biggest Loser (no, but seriously, I hate Conda. And needed a muzzle during this last episode.) or when Ben on The Bachelor sends Kacie home and keeps skanky Courtney around (LKASJKLFSJF WHAT WAS HE THINKING? I'm clearly not over it.). So now I've Psalm 19:14 emblazoned on my wrist in permanent sharpie, reminding me to speak words that would be "pleasing in your [God's] sight." 

And despite looking on enviously when my roommate pops those delightful kernels, my shotglasses being merely decoration during the next 40 days, and sputtering to find an appropriate word to express myself, I am still A Very Lucky Girl.


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