Liebster Award: Feelin' 22 Edition

I have done one of these blogging interaction awards before, but when my friend Amber, of Clearly Alive, nominated me last week I couldn't say no to a fellow Addison's fighter. And since today, July 1, is my day of birth it is socially acceptable to make it all about me for 24 hours. 
Amber is a pretty cool person from what I've garnered from our conversations on social media. I first "met" her in an Addison's Disease Support Group on Facebook. She is currently working in Malaysia and her lifestyle there is encouraging when it comes to me wanting to pursue my own career abroad. 
Her 11 questions for me:
1. How did you decide on the name for your blog?
This one is easy. I explained it in my inaugural post more than two years ago #timeflieswhenyourblogisfun
2. What is your funniest "brain fog" story? 
That time I couldn't even remember a "brain fog" story. AKA now. 
3. Cats or Dogs? 
DOGS. One in particular, my sister, my boo-thang, the love of my life, Beignet. I'm convinced she is going to live forever because I cannot comprehend a world without her. 


4. Favorite piece of advice ever received?
"Don't be afraid to give up the good and go for the great."-Steve Prefontaine. Shoutout to Pinterest and Nat for sending me that gem. Sometimes "good" is comfortable and familiar, but, to me, the chance for "great" is worth risking "good." 
5. Dumbest piece of advice ever received?
Time heals all things. LOL K.
6. Share one of your favorite pictures from your traveling adventures?
Just one!?! FINE. I took this one on the Isle of Skye during my Highlands trip at the end of March. Scotland will always have a home in my heart and I am proud of this trip in particular. There was a lot of strife in my romantic relationship at the time and I used this weekend to disconnect from Wifi and focus a lot on what I was thinking and feeling. I also went on this trip alone. I didn't know a single person on the bus until I got on and met them all. And now they will always have a place to stay America, and I know I could crash their countries as well. I remember being in awe the entire weekend, both of the Scottish landscapes and the strides I've made in turning strangers into friends. 
7. What keeps you going when times get insanely tough?
Thinking about where I came from and where I plan on going. I don't have power over my past, but I have power over my future. 
8. Favorite ice cream flavour?
Chocolate chip cookie dough. All of the rest are kind of mediocre. 
9. Sunrise or sunset?
This question made me laugh because I had just discussed it with my friend Nim a few days ago! 
Told you. But to answer the question, I definitely prefer sunsets. Especially since I don't have to wake up early to appreciate their glory. 
10. Quick! Describe yourself in only four words!
A Very Lucky Girl. I hope y'all saw that one coming. 
11. And in conclusion, please share one picture of yourself that you believe captures your personality. 
I know my friends have hundreds of screenshots from snapchat that they feel capture my true self. But I'm torn between two photographs: one that Gibby took and one that LDL took. I remember both of these days so vividly, and though neither one of these are particularly attractive, I distinctly remember how happy I was. 
We are standing in the courtyard of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome on our backpacking trip. I have my phone in my hand, because I am a self-diagnosed social media addict and I have my sweatshirt tied around my waist because I'm not afraid to look like a geek. My hair is in a messy bun because it is hot as Hades and I'm guzzling the water in my left hand. As for my facial expression? My guess is I was posing for the pope/LDL has just said something sassy.
This was taken in the gardens of Glamis Castle, one of my favorite excursions with the Dundee exchange group, with just a few days left in my Scotland adventure. Gibby has just put that purple flower in my hair and I remember being elated to just exist with those people in that place at that time. I'm not sure they could say the same since they had to put up with this face all day ;)

Thank you for the questions, Amber. I'm excited for what this year of 22 holds for me. 21 taught me a lot and I can't wait to learn from 22. First lesson: how does one dress like a hipster? A Very Lucky Girl might be too mainstream for what the TSwift song requires of me. 


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