Juan Pabs

On January 5, Juan Pablo will return to screens across America with six pack abs and an accent. I feel bad for all other ladies who have been on the Bachelor in previous seasons. They got the short end of the stick. 
Also, on January 26, my close personal friends, Sean and Catherine will wed on live television. I guess my invitation was lost in the mail or I didn't make enough of an impression when we mingled in Las Vegas. 
Sadly, but really not that sadly, I will be studying in Scotland during these monumentous occasions, so I am allowing you all adequate time to mourn the loss of the weekly recap. Who has time to watch Hulu when there's an unfamiliar country to explore? Not A Very Lucky Girl. I read Reality Steve's take on the season last week and have some idea of what you all should expect. I'll miss the snarky journey (just think, you'll hear that word seven billion more times from Juan Pab and his ladies. Get your shotglasses ready)!


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