Easy Question, No Answer

The countdown to Scotland is dangerously, single-digitly, low. This adventure comes with stacks of paperwork. I've waded through credit agreement forms, applications, and student visa visitor documents. Questions about race, education, and money continually swim in my head, but the hardest question I've answered on those forms is: where is your permanent residence?
From a young age my address was ingrained into my brain, part of the trifecta of particulars every elementary school-aged child memorizes.
  1. full name: Taylor Olivia Arceneaux
  2. phone number: 790-4006
  3. address: 1251 Buckingham Circle, Franklin, TN, 37064
Of course, I would never give this information to a stranger offering candy, but I had it ready in my arsenal if a responsible adult ever needed to know.
But now I am the responsible adult and I haven't known the answer to the third question for a long time.
Is it where I'm living currently? If so, that's on the road. I leave Baton Rouge, my relatively safe holiday space, this morning.
Is it where my belongings are living? If so, that's three different states, Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana.
Truth is, I don't have a permanent residence and I won't have one until I graduate and finally get my very own, stable, safe, sturdy space. I want that more than anything.
I'll get a sneak peek at life like that when I move into a house with Kylie and Kirsten in the fall, but I'm looking forward to a time in my life when I call the shots about where I live and for how long.
I want to store my own belongings, not have them spread out across a country. I want to cook in a comfortable kitchen and have power over who comes into my space.
"The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned."--Maya Angelou
I have a safe spot to land in Baton Rouge for the summer, and I'm thankful for it everyday, but A Very Lucky Girl is still searching for a place to label home forever.


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