Tan Angel

My time at Sandy Beaches is almost up and it has certainly been an adventure! 
Take yesterday for instance. 
A customer, I'll call her K, came into the store in tears. I had met her only once before, but I immediately leapt up from my seat, and came around the counter to hug her. 
I'm no stranger to tears. And hugs usually don't hurt. 
She confided in me that she had found out sad news about many of her friends recently. Her husband is also seriously ill and she feels like everyone around her is dying. She is also seriously worried about her son. 
I listened as best I could as other customers came in and out of the store to tan. I had nothing profound to say. I cannot understand her struggle, but I can imagine. 
I finally set her up in her tanning bed and on her way out she stopped again to talk to me. 
She told me I was a blessing to her. She told me she sees caring and love in my eyes, to the point where my eyelids are white (what?). She told me I caught her when she came into the store at a low point. She told me, "I hardly know you, you've only met me once, but I think I've always known you." She walked out of the store still crying, but I think at this point it was because someone cared. 
I don't know what the interaction means. I'm the most skeptical skeptic you will ever meet. 
But it's nice to be told I have love in my eyes.
It's nice to know I was at least of minimal comfort to a virtual stranger.
It was nice to be inspired to write again. It's the longest hiatus I've taken since starting the blog in 2012. I don't know that I can promise I'm back for good now. I feel like I can't promise much these days.
But I did tell K I would pray for her. She said she would take all she could get and asked me to pray for her son as well. I'm not a big pray-er. Most of the things I have to say to God lately aren't particularly holy. 
But maybe, if I'm praying for someone else, I'll find it easier. 
K has A Very Lucky Girl's prayers, weak as they may be. 


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