Once Upon a Time..

In a dentist's office right down May Avenue...the power went out. In the middle of my routine cleaning. 
I had handily scheduled my dentist appointment right after my endocrinologist appointment--so adult of me!--in an effort to get all business-y things done before my imminent Scotland departure (39 days away). 
I was on an endocrine high, my ACTH levels were at 99 (the most normal they've ever been since I've been diagnosed), my doctor had willingly written a note allowing me to travel with drugs, and my TSH levels were non-hypothyroid, still! 
So I drove to the dentist with elevated hopes, maybe this next appointment wouldn't be so bad, maybe  she wouldn't poke my gums to the point of bleeding, maybe this time she'd believe my lies, "yes, I floss twice a day!" Okay, once. Okay, never. 
And it was going better than most of my dentist appointments go! I love my hygienist, she's so sweet and always asks me questions when her hands AREN'T in my mouth. I think that's an art form. 
When she did poke me, she apologized, and she told me my wisdom teeth were still just hanging out not doing anything. I hope they stay that way for a loooong time. 
And then. The lights went out. The water stopped running. The brushes stopped brushing. 
What. is. happening?
Annie went to investigate the issue as I heard an uncomfortable "ouch" from a chair nearby. Yikes. Dentists need light. We sat in darkness for several minutes until the concept of flashflights occurred to us. I turned my phone to flashlight mode and held it above my mouth as Annie finished her prodding. 
I truly wonder how many people have had to do that in their lifetime? Talk about strange. 
I tried to go to the mall afterwards to show off my spic and span teeth, but the power was out there, as well. A news helicopter whopped over my head.
Hello, twilight zone. 
If the apocalypse was happening, at least I had a good story to go out on. 
Turns out it was a blown transfusion at an intersection. 
The lesson learned here is that A Very Lucky Girl should just skip the dentist from now on. 


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