The Dunger Games

AKA--the Dundee Hunger Games. 
Renan, one of the what seems like thousands brazilian exchange students, suggested we have a competition complete with water guns. I heard the word gun so obviously this American was up in arms about participating!  
I needed a tutorial to fully understand the game, but after an intensive learning session with Zee, Renan, and Nat, coupled with Macca's fries and a trip to the 24-hour bakery, I think I've got it figured out. 
Basically, everyone who wants in on the game chooses the name of another person, secretly in a folded sheet of paper. I've selected my target, and I was just relieved to actually know who they were! My next order of business was to purchase a water gun, both for defense and offense, which I did today at Poundland. 
You see, I am obviously after a particular target, the name I chose, but if he or she knows I am coming for them (which they won't because I'm sneaky) and they spray me with water before I can attack? If I am NOT their official target then they are required to share their real target's name with me and I cannot shoot them again for a period of two hours. This should hopefully discourage shooting for the sake of shooting. 
If I do successfully "kill" my target, then I acquire their target's name as well (and any others they have acquired during the course of game play). 
I'm still not quite sure how to win but my main game plan is to stay inside and watch Netflix with the door locked. 
Just Kidding.
I'll use Hannah and Megan, who arrive THIS WEEK, as my bodyguards and stealthily attack my target. Also probably wearing my Nikes as much as possible until this game dies down so I can run away from whoever has my name. 
Here's hoping the odds are ever in A Very Lucky Girl's favor. 


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