A Late March Night's Dream

I know that it looks like I don't do any schoolwork at all. Even my friends here in the exchange program scoff at the four hours of class I attended each week.
But today was the culmination of weeks of preparation for a Shakespeare performance. I chose a Shakespeare module in Dundee because I thought it would be really awesome to learn Shakespeare in depth near the country of his birth. One thing I've come away with is that I don't believe Shakespeare was written to be said in an American accent. I felt so inferior among the proper accents in my tutorial!
A requirement of the course instructed each tutorial group (there were three) to choose a scene from any of the plays we read, perfect it over the course of the term, and perform it on March 26.
My group was on the smaller side and had only eight people in it. We finally settled on an abridged version of the final scene in "A Midsummer Night's Dream." The scene has loads of characters in it so we had to get creative with how we wanted to present the scene. We didn't have enough people to fit the parts.
Since the scene focuses intently on the idea of meta-theater, as a play within a play, we decided to film the majority and leave timing for practiced audience interaction.
We worked on the project every week for approximately nine weeks and I have to say, I'm honestly incredibly proud of the finished product. I'm thinking new YouTube sensation....
I personally didn't have a part in the filmed bit, but I said my four lines today with grace and aplomb.
Ask our audience.
And speaking of audience, I was overwhelmed with the support from the international group. I posted on our Facebook page about the show, inviting the members to see Camille, Birgit, and me take Shakespeare by storm. The Brazilians left today for their European adventures, but I know they would have come otherwise.
My friends came trooping in at 1:59 PM and we busted out the extra chairs to fit everybody. Tbo, Zee, Laura, Kylie, James, Sam, Nat, Vanessa, Erin, Brenton...your presence meant so much to me!!
I was incredibly nervous, and my slight hangover didn't help (blame it on Buckfast and Skint night), but I think it's fair to say our group dominated the performances.
I consider it a win when I'm not the only one laughing.
The talent in my Shakespeare tutorial group was incredible. The scene calls for amateur acting and they went above and beyond to create a film I will remember forever.
Call me crazy and sentimental, but I've never loved Shakespeare as much as I did today.
What a way to end my academic career in Dundee.
Thnks fr th mmrs, y'all. They are oh so sweet.
Maybe one day A Very Lucky Girl will know how to work the lights? Doubtful. 


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