I finally have a space to call my very own this semester at OU. I am living in a single dorm, but with this great privacy comes great responsibility.
It would be easy to hibernate, coming out of room 35 only for class, food, and occassional dates with Tyler. My room is located at the very end of the hall, extrememly isolated from the other dorms in a dark corner. 
I've decorated to make the room appealing and comforting, but hiding is not the best thing for me. 
So I am making a huge effort to get heavily involved on campus during this fall semester. Come spring I'll be living in Dundee, Scotland, lightyears away from any semblance of a comfort zone. Putting myself out there this semester will lessen the eventual shock of the study abroad environment. 
Even just thinking about new people is mentally draining. It's hard and it makes me want to take a nap. But A Very Lucky Girl can sleep when she's dead. For now, there are opportunities and relationships to seize. OUTSIDE the door. 


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