I moved into room 35 Jordan Hall of Cate Center in Norman today. I packed up all of my belongings and stowed them in Carson, my Matrix, much to the dismay of Beignet. She pranced around the car this morning as I loaded last minute items, searching for a place to wedge herself. She wanted to come with me and I wanted her to come terribly. 
Good riddance Thorn Ridge, hello Norman and Houston. My new homes. 
I've never felt so at home in a dorm. For one, it's a single. No roommates, a space all to myself. And the best part of living in Jordan is the theme of the residence hall. 
YES. IT'S FRIENDS. I inwardly screamed when I saw the familiar skyline and faces on the doors, the pivot sign in the stairwell, and a "how you doin'" in the lobby. I may have a third floor room in a creepy corner with a crappy view, but my Friends DVD collection and I have never felt so at home.
A Very Lucky Girl belongs here. 


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