A Snow Day Story

It's 2:08 pm on a Monday afternoon. I would usually be in appointments with potential students or calling new leads, but instead I'm sitting in bed with Netflix and a frozen pizza. How did I get here?
It's a snow day. But it didn't begin that way.
My alarm went off at 7:58 as usual and I began my morning. I saw a dusting of snow outside, but I hadn't heard from my boss about whether was campus was open or closed so I showered, ate breakfast, and left for my commute with plenty of time for cautious driving. 
On my way to work I fought the internal battle of wanting to go. It's a daily struggle to get up and go to a place where there is a high probability of facing rejection. Don't get me wrong, I love my job. I love that I have the opportunity to change lives everyday. But it does get hard. It can be hard to pick up the phone and call a potential student who has hung up on me 5 times that week already. But the job requires that kind of persistence and tenacity.
Which is why every workday morning finds me in the car giving myself a pep talk to keep driving. It usually involves inspirational music and the promise of an adult beverage when I return home that evening. This morning was similar, but as I made a slippery turn and thought "why are we even going in today, no one is going to show up for appointments," my brain countered with "there's someone who needs you today. Or someone that you need today." It is absolutely true. Everyday is a chance for an exchange of inspiration, either there is someone who I am supposed to inspire or there is someone who is going to inspire me to be a better representative or a better person in general.
We've been talking about our vision for the admissions department in meetings lately and part of what I suggested to the team is working on our integrity. We often meet students who are very unhappy with their current jobs and I tell them that they deserve to go to a job that they don't dread everyday. Our admissions team deserves the same thing, so I need to make the choice to be happy with my environment daily, no matter what the circumstances are!
As I made that slippery turn into the school this morning after my epiphany, I was actually excited to walk in those doors.
And then the school director met me at the door with "Oh, I was just about to call you." *facepalm*
Since I was already there, I figured I may as well be useful and spent a few hours rescheduling our Monday appointments and even enrolled a walk-in. She is why I do my job. She wanted to go to school so badly that she drove on a snowy, freezing day to find out more about her options. She was the reason that I didn't get the snow day phone call before I got to work. I was meant to be in the office for a few hours today to get to meet her. 
Snow seems to suspend the world in a magical shroud of mystery. I don't know yet what tomorrow holds. I could be snowed in with F.R.I.E.N.D.S. for company. But if I'm not, A Very Lucky Girl will find the reason why. 


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