Remember Me?

To be frank, this is weird. I haven't taken this long of a hiatus from A Very Lucky Girl since..well, ever. And I don't really remember how to write like A Very Lucky Girl. I turned in my final paper to dropbox less than an hour ago and here I am, still with phrases of Paradise Lost swirling in my head.
The last time I wrote here it was almost three or four full months ago. A lot can change in three months.
They've been good changes and hard changes and just plain changes.
Where do I start? How do I begin?

Well, there's this boy...whom I love and adore and admire with all of my being. I did not plan for this and Tanner's presence was most unexpected, but strangely welcome. I smile to think of how far we have come in only three months and what a precious blessing he is in my life.
It all started with our two friends, Megan and Marshall. I know I've mentioned Megan plenty of times in A Very Lucky Girl, but Marshall is her boyfriend, who also happens to be one of Tanner's good friends.
Megan mentioned back in July that Tanner and I would probably get along and at least be friends, if nothing else, but nothing ever came of that conversation until near the end of the September. Megan texted me a string of unfamiliar digits and commanded me to text him. I complied, with the charming opening statement of, "I've been commanded to text you." The rest is history and we've now been together for about three months and I cannot imagine life without him.

Which leads me to my next life career path. I graduated two weeks ago (yes, it's taken me 14 days to write this blog post, I told you I was out of practice!) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of Oklahoma. When I first entered my senior semester in August I was set on finding a career that would take me out of the United States for a long period of time, if not forever. After meeting Tanner and finding my place in a family that I would hate to leave, I decided to broaden my job options to include Oklahoma. I am not thrilled with the idea of teaching, but I would like to be involved with students in some capacity. My post grad hobbies include sending out resumes, waiting by the phone, and....

Training my new puppy, Gable Blythe. I lost my Beignet-girl on December 1st. I hope she lived the happiest eleven years because she certainly brightened HALF of my existence on this planet and it was an honor to be her sister. Though Beignet is no longer suffering, I definitely needed a little puppy love to heal myself so enter Gable. He was adopted from Safe Haven (100% recommend) and is learning to use the restroom in appropriate places (i.e. anywhere but inside) and that people's limbs are not chew toys. It is certainly a transition to go from quiet and trained Beignet to a puppy with an opinion, but he is the best little snuggle bud when he wants to be. 

And, lest you fear I've lost my desire to travel, I most certainly have not! I spent American Thanksgiving with NAT! Yes! Nat! My Canadian soul sister who I hadn't seen in six months, Nat! I traveled to Edmonton, Alberta and apparently brought a blizzard with me because it snowed 24 inches in 24 hours. I had never seen so much snow in my entire life! And the COLD. I literally could not even with the cold. Far too many degrees below zero for this girl. Despite the cold, I was warmed by the pleasure of meeting all of the people I had heard so much about, including her new boyfriend! He and Kendra and Nat's family were sweet enough to pause their own lives for a few days to entertain this Oklahoma girl and that is the true spirit of Christmasgiving (which is what we celebrated in Alberta to get in all of the holidays)! I cried when I arrived and I cried when I left and I can pretty much guarantee that I will cry the next time we get together. Having meaningful friendships is something that I treasure, and though ours has changed a lot through all of our own personal changes since leaving Scotland I have no doubt that Flat 35 is for a lifetime. 

There you have it. Three, almost four months, in a single blog post. I know I did not do every life event justice in this summary, but I hope to rectify that with more detailed posts in the coming year. Until then, tell your friends to hire A Very Lucky Girl. 


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