"back in your day..."

A twelve year old said these ominous words to me yesterday. We were playing a game that involved guessing movie titles based on clues and I was sucking at it. Why? Because they were all "the latest" Disney movies. I think the last Disney movie I saw before Frozen was rewatching Mulan. I'm not up to date on Brave or How to Train Your Dragon or any of the other hot commodities in the elementary school world. And so this twelve year old mocked my knowledge with laughter and a declaration of "you don't know these because they didn't exist back in your day!"
Excuse me? 
Repetez s'il vous plait?
When did I become old enough to have "back in your day"'s thrown at me!? 
The same twelve year old went on to talk about how one of his teachers at school is 24 (aka 2 years my senior) and married. And then asked when I was getting married. I told him boys are icky, present company excluded.
And then I spent my Saturday night in a hot tub with a 10 year old and a 12 year old singing "Let it Go" at the top of our lungs. A neighbor 10 year old joined us because she heard our singing over the fence. 
The entire time I was thinking how strange it is that people my age, or just a bit older, are married, starting careers, and doing adult things. I went and saw my friend and her husband's new HOUSE Friday night! HOUSE! With extra bedrooms and everything. 
I don't feel like an adult, but when I step back and look at my life I guess I am doing adult things. I graduate college in three months. I keep track of the bills for the little grey house. I book flights for myself, party of one. I teach the English language to a woman almost twice my age. I have a freakin' teacher's guide! 
In my Gateway training class in the middle of August, a girl was asked when she began to feel like an adult. 
She said when she turned eighteen. 
And here's A Very Lucky Girl, 22 years young, eating cookie dough and drinking a coke out of glass bottle because it just tastes better. 


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