February 26

I started A Very Lucky Girl exactly two years ago. Writing has always been a part of myself and my discovery of the world. I've kept a journal since 6th grade (that's about 10 years), but I'm thrilled to have been sharing my discoveries with such a faithful readership for two years. So much can change in two years. When I first began writing publicly I didn't know I would be writing about divorce or devastating holidays. I didn't know I'd be writing about adventures to Vegas and Scotland. I didn't know I would recap far too many Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons. I didn't know I would be writing about my relationship with Tyler as it progressed. It didn't even exist this time two years ago!
I didn't know I would garner readers from around the world: Malaysia, France, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, China, Poland, Venezuela, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, India, and Belgium are just a few of the countries of people who have landed on my blog.
I also didn't know the various ways readers would happen upon a post. Let me share a "behind the scenes" look at a blog. I can see exactly what people type into google that randomly pulls up a post on my blog. Some individuals have searched "high school girls selfies" and found my writing, others have been on a hunt for information about various Bachelors and Bachelorettes. The Internet is an amazing place in how so much can be shared. 
Whether you have been reading A Very Lucky Girl for a few weeks or since the beginning, thank you for spurring me on in an activity I love to do. The way a certain written turn of phrase has the power to turn the corners of a reader's mouth turns me on. Thank you for being there for the trashy reality television posts, the posts I didn't edit as much as I should have, and the posts that I will always be proud of. Thank you for inspiring A Very Lucky Girl.
the ultimate haven for a literature lover: Dublin, Ireland Trinity College Long Room 


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