An Open Letter to Tyler

Dear Tyler,
First, I want to say happy two year anniversary! Because that is what inspired this post, after all. It's hard to believe it's been two years already. It seems like just yesterday I was stealing glances at you under the clock in French class and trying not to hyperventilate when you first emailed me.
Looking back at it now, we started dating really fast! I'm sure a lot of our friends and family had reservations about how long we would last.
I think we've lasted because, besides the romantic aspect of our relationship, I count you as one of my best friends.
I've always wanted us to be able to have fun with each other and laughing with you is one of my favorite things in the world. And I've been to Italy! ;)
You've been there for me through one of the hardest years of my life, patient and listening when I cried and whined and doubted.
I know these past five months have been especially hard. It's always easier on the person who leaves than the person who is left. I'm really proud of everything you have accomplished while I've been away! You tell me I'm an inspiriation to you to follow your dreams, but in reality, you inspire me to do hard things. I know it cannot possibly be easy to work 46 hours a week on top of finishing up school, but I'm immensely proud of your endless efforts.
It may seem that I'm always distracted here in Scotland, busy with friends and new adventures, but you are never far from my mind. I especially thought of you during my month of travel in April.
You were on my mind at Coral Beach on the Isle of Skye.
I rearranged the rocks at Fairy Glen to write my own message.
You can tell by my body language that I was thinking about you in Vienna, Austria. 

I blew you kisses from Venice, Italy.
You had my heart in Rome, Italy.
I reflected on our two years together in the Swiss mountains in Interlaken.
And I wished you were with me at the Eiffel Tower. 

I got you something in Paris, but I can't send it to you because I also left it there, on a bridge over the Seine. 

Even though our time apart has been difficult and sometimes we weren't sure if we could do it, I love being a part of your life and always want to keep trying. So I locked us on a bridge and threw away the key. I hope you don't mind. Happy Anniversary! I love you. 


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