Nanny Loving: Summer Dos: Week Trois

This week felt exceptionally long. I tried my best to be perky and playful at all times, but it just didn't happen. Especially not on Thursday. I may have been extra sarcastic and irritable on Thursday. It may have had something to do with the 9 hour work day. 
But even after all three solid weeks with children (and a whole summer before that), there are things I don't understand about them:
  • The appeal of eating 2 different food types at once. For example, C had a jolly rancher in her mouth and didn't hesitate to simultaneously much on a peanut butter cracker. The entire concoction was washed down with swigs of milk. #barf
  • The universality of Taylor Swift music to both a 20 year old girl and an 11 year old boy. I began playing a "Best of TSwift" CD in the car because her lyrics are clean. The kids know every word to "I Knew You Were Trouble" and "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." I had a regular choir in the Matrix this week. Beyond that, I somehow managed to convince C and E to play an imaginary game in the pool where I am Taylor Swift and I'm engaged to Zac Efron. The game consists of them pulling me on my chariot (inner tube) while I wave at my nonexistent fans. 
  • The immediate inclination to quit when losing a game. Mk has this terrible tendency and it's incredibly obnoxious. Especially when it comes with floods of tears. Child, ask me how much this game of Dicecapades (GREAT game, by the way) will matter tomorrow. 
  • The irrational fear of June bugs. Granted, I'm not a big creepy crawler fan. But I recognize the advantage humans have over bugs. We've got several feet of height and heavy feet. However, Mk is a definite diva. A June bug (dead) touched her in the pool at swim practice on Wednesday morning. Commence wailing and waterworks and declarations of "I'M DONE SWIMMING TODAY. THAT IS LIKE MY WORST FEAR."
But the number one perplexing instance this week happened before I left with C and E for swim practice on Wednesday morning. C curled up next to me on the couch with her arms wrapped around my middle and said "this is where I want to be." 
Really? Even after I'm impatient with you and refuse to add syrup to your chocolate pancakes?
A Very Lucky Girl may have her hands full, but a heart full is more than I even hoped. 


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