Friday, June 28, 2013

Nanny Loving: Summer Dos: Week Quatre

Today marks my last day of work until July 18th when the family returns from their trip to Turkey. This week has passed by at the pace of a caffeine deprived snail. Not only have I been looking forward to not working for 2 and a half weeks, but I also am counting the days to my birthday (2-3 depending on how you count #freaking), a Fourth of July lake trip, and a week long jaunt to New Orleans and Baton Rouge. In the midst of my distraction, a few incidents stuck out from the week with the kids.

  • Remember how last week I convinced the kids to pretend I was Taylor Swift? Yeah, the plan backfired. I'm still Taylor Swift. But Zac Efron broke up with me and, according to the kids, I am now juggling and Jamie Foxx. 
  • We tried to venture to the art museum on Monday morning. How dare the building be closed when I have two children to entertain!? So instead, I took them to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. They had never been before so we walked around the outside and I explained as much as I could to them. Hopefully they weren't too young...
  • My favorite diva, Mk, continued to cry whenever she lost a game. I came very close to telling her that losing is life and she's going to have to get used to it. Instead, when she exiled her own self to a corner of the yard after drama in the pool, I walked away when she declared "I don't wanna talk about it." I thought crazy girl hormones didn't kick in until puberty. She's 9. 
  • These kids are literally never not hungry. I had to pry Cheez-its from their hands exactly 30 minutes after making (and eating) cookies. YOU JUST ATE. STOP IT. 
  • We went to the park on Wednesday afternoon. It's true, it was hot. We played tag and I got extreme satisfaction from their reluctance to even try to chase me. HA. I still have some running skills. Against elementary schoolers... Anyway, we walked back to the house after extensive play (about a 3-4 block distance) and I was serenaded by a chorus of "how far are we"'s and "will you carry me?"'s and "are we there yet?"'s. Fed up, I started to yank on THEIR arms, whining and jumping around begging to know how far we were and if they would carry me. They shut up. The last block was peaceful. 
  • I learned I should maybe put a first aid kit together to carry at all times. Not for the kids. Oh no, it would be for me. We made up obstacle courses on the playground and Mc's was not made for adults with longer legs. I tried to leap through the swing and ended up sprawled on the ground with wood chips lodged in my left knee and several splinters in my right hand. 

They keep saying they are going to miss me when they leave for their trip. I wish I could honestly say the same, but I am truly looking forward to the break. A Very Lucky Girl needs to get out of Oklahoma, STAT. 

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